A tick-tock of this Scorpio full moon

In a fallow period but felt compelled to share this

Today is the worst full moon of 2021, so congratulations to us for having reached this moment. Soon it will be over. Here’s what to expect over the next days — because this full moon is going to take a few days. All times are New York times.

Today, April 26, a Monday

  • 7:15 a.m.: This already happened by the time I started this, but the moon in Libra squared Pluto, the planet of power, deep jealousy, and death. Squares are IRRITATING and miserable, and that explains why I woke up deeply sad, with a headache, and the baggiest, wrinkliest eyes of my life so far. It was like they went through puberty, but the puberty of middle age, overnight. I took a picture to stew over it later.

  • 8:40 a.m.: The moon isn’t even in Scorpio yet. It goes void of course at this time, which is like a retrograde for our emotions. Not a good time to start anything, including a newsletter entry. But an okay time to revisit and finish up loose ends.

  • Also 8:40 a.m.: The moon, still in Libra, is trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. That is very lucky and sanguine. Jupiter especially offers protection — sometimes beyond what we deserve or have earned. I assume this aspect will make my headache go away, but it already hasn’t. One thing the moon and Jupiter being in harmony always offers: a good sense of humor to start the day.

  • 3:29 p.m.: First of all, look at that time jump. Nothing going on all morning. Good, I already anticipate needing a break. Second, this is another fabulous aspect to butter us up before the kill (aka the full moon that is STILL coming…). This time it’s the moon trining Mars, which is in Cancer. Just a quick note — I was BORN with Mars in Cancer and it is the WORST place for Mars to be. Mars, who likes to fuck and fight and get things moving, hates the smothering sentimentality and general WATERYNESS of Cancer. And both signs are active — cardinal in mode — so they both want to do things their way, and their ways are not compatible. So that’s what’s up now, BUT the moon is now in Scorpio, and that’s feeling charming towards Mars. It’s good that we have the moon supporting Mars right now in its time of need. I feel like we’re all going to be somewhat emotionally stable today despite… what’s coming… (I’m fear mongering and it’s too much).

  • 11:32 p.m.: There it is. The Scorpio full moon peaking. The full moon has been going on ALL DAY AND YESTERDAY, by the way. Full moons are not one day or one hour affairs. They are a weekend hangover. But this is the most intense point, so everything is leading up to this moment. Full moons bring culmination to tension that’s already going on, but for reasons I’ll get to below, we may not see this one coming. This may bring a swerve that knocks us on our asses. And it’s Scorpio. It’s the deepest, most emotionally intense sign. One of the most stubborn. Fixed and brutal. It loves a lot, and that means we will CARE about whatever this moon kicks up. But let me offer (some!?) comfort to temper this terror: full moons pick on what is weak. They poke at links that ought to break, because they hold us back. So it may come sniffing around your house and find that everything, in fact, is fine. Let’s hope it’s that outcome. But if not, it will make you let go, which I guess is a good thing, and I will try to believe that.

Tomorrow, April 27, a Tuesday

  • We’re far from done.

  • 4:51 a.m.: I know this should be too early to make a huge impact, but the moon is OPPOSING Uranus at this time. Oppositions are awful tug-of-war struggles, usually involving another person, and Uranus is cruel clown surprises. I mean, you just don’t want to be at odds with the planet that has the power to freak you out. And the moon is already so stressed out! Do you like it when your friends sneak up on you? What about when you are tired and dealing with withdrawal from the sun’s loving rays? Not so good natured then, probably. Also, Uranus is in Taurus, which isn’t news, and it will stay there until 2026, but I would be a negligent fear monger if I didn’t highlight that Uranus HATES being in Taurus. Like Mars in Cancer, the planet is in its fall in this sign. Good context to have as we suffer…

  • 8:47 a.m.: And now Saturn’s joined the fight. Saturn, as you know, represents limitations and scarcity and challenges you to work within difficult conditions for optimal growth. That sounds GREAT if you signed up for barre class or some other resistance training, but here it is FOISTED upon us with a brutal square to the moon. On a macro scale, I would be extra way of institutions at this time — but that’s always good advice. Authority figures may not be your friend. The way out? Reschedule the call, bite your tongue, put your head down, live to fight another day.

  • 1:35 and 4:35 p.m.: It just keeps getting worse. At these respective times, the Scorpio moon will ONCE AGAIN OPPOSE both Venus and then Mercury. I’m making whining noises right now because I do not want this. Venus, like Daisy’s voice from The Great Gatsby, is full of money. It showers resources and beauty upon us. THE BAGS UNDER MY EYES DO NOT NEED THIS OPPOSITION. Then with Mercury, who is so communicative and always implies multiple voices, this portends arguments and misunderstandings with other human beings. We do not need this stress — especially not when especially while the moon is already raw and roiled from being too full. (Honestly that’s what a full moon is like. Getting too full, being horribly uncomfortable, and then taking a huge shit and it’s over. I’ve never thought of that before.)

The next day, April 28, a Wednesday

  • 6:38 a.m.: The moon is in a happy and sweet position to Pluto, which I hope means its regaining its strength from the source of it all post-full moon. Truly, this will be morning of repair.

  • 8:31 a.m.: Okay, I spoke too soon. The moon is squaring Jupiter, whose good fortune and bounty we could really use at this difficult time. Jupiter issues often feel caprcious, as the Zodiac’s Santa giveth and taketh. Watch out for rookie errors. Now is the time to lean on your maturity lol. Like, don’t write “lol” after things. Also the moon goes void of course at this time, which means a lot of backward momentum and rumination and sputtered starts. It’s the feeling of getting a ton of notes when you thought you were done with something. OMG; it’s patience we will need at this time, so I hope you have some in stock.

  • 11:42 a.m.: The moon enters Sagittarius. The full moon is OVER. It is no longer void. You are free and reborn as a glorious pony.

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