Happy Mean Girls Day 😈

October 3rd is worth celebrating this year 🎉

“When did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody?”

It’s not okay for one person to be the boss of everybody. Thank you, Gretchen Weiners. Power should never go unchecked, and the heavier your tiara, the higher your standard of accountability. Should you be flagrant and irresponsible with your elevated perch, you shall be knocked down to earth.

That reckoning can come, astrologically speaking, through many different planetary forces. But this Mean Girls Day, three major events will lead this revolution.

  1. Pluto stations direct in Capricorn

October 3rd will crystallize a shift that’s been brewing since April. Pluto, planet of power disparities, possessiveness, and desire, was retrograde and will station direct this Thursday.

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Pluto is the poison that rots society from the inside out and must be eliminated, flung to the furthest corners of the Solar System. That’s why he’s out there all alone. He represents the ultimate exile for betrayal.

The stakes with Pluto are as high as they get, and he usually governs huge generational and societal shifts. Pluto is not associated with straight up revolution—that’s Uranus’ gig—but he’s about longer-term change. He’s about transformation, like a coal into diamond, and it can’t be brought about by any great charismatic leader and new marketing lingo. It’s pressure and time and nothing else. 💎

Right now, Pluto is in Capricorn. He has been since 2008, and he will be until 2024. This gives us some clue about how he’s applying that time and pressure I discussed. Capricorn is the sign of order, accountability, tradition, and laws. No one can sit above it, and those who try—especially by way of guile, profligacy, or megalomania. Saturn is sober and wants you to remember that resources are scarce. If you’re wasteful, manipulative, and high on your own drama, you will be rudely awakened. And summarily fired.

I wrote this longer piece on why I’m scared of Pluto! 🎃💀

Pluto Wants You to Open Your Hand

Pluto is a horror villain, showing up like a bright-eyed psychopath who smiles and says nothing. He won’t leave. And you don’t know what he wants because he won’t tell you, but you can feel him watching you, like a creep, sniffing out whatever it is you don’t want to give up.

Millennials are born with their Plutos in the home sign of Scorpio, which reinforces this notion of digging to the root of a problem and unearthing the truth.

Scorpio is followed by Sagittarius, which is where Gen Z’s Plutos reside. Sagittarius is the most optimisic sign with the highest ambitions of influence. As a pair, Scorpio and Sagittarius behave like a slingshot—Scorpio builds tension and pulls us back into the eye of the dysfunction, and Sagittarius, feeling the freedom and release of the truth, can aim and shoot with all the strength in the world. Sagittarius is the embodiment of being unencumbered—they find liberation in disclosure, truthfulness, transparency, and letting go of everything Scorpio was holding onto.

Millennials and Gen Z together have important work on our hands. We are the first digital generations, and our tools of information, surveillance, and discovery are more powerful than humans have ever known. We are unusually equipped to investigate and surface painful truths that sit at the heart of our societies. We are revealing the viruses that made a comfortable home in our world. And they are fighting back with all the vigor of something that is going to die. And we are publishing it, spreading ideas, growing more ambitious with our demands.

  1. Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury is only ever one sign away from wherever the sun is, and on October 3rd, he will speed past Libra and into Scorpio. When Mercury is in Scorpio, not only does the truth tend to come out, but it can be articulated in a way that precipitates great change. So Pluto’s forward momentum (and transformational agenda) will only be magnified and reinforced by the powerful communicative talents of Mercury. All the canaries will SING. 🦜

  1. Mars enters Libra

And, as if October 3rd wasn’t a big enough day, Mars will also enter Libra (technically after midnight that night).

Mars and Libra have a (sexually) tense relationship, as Mars rules over Libra’s opposite, Aries. When planets move into their sign’s opposite, they are said to be in their detriment.

A sign can provide four kinds of placements for a planet:

  1. Dignity (a planet in its home sign, comfortable, happy, relaxing)

  2. Exaltation (a planet in a sign that elevates that planet’s power)

  3. Detriment (a planet cranky in its sign’s opposite)

  4. Fall (a planet in its absolute worst position, literally falling down)

So in this case, Mars is not comfortable in Libra’s turf. He’s unable to exercise dominion because he has no dominion here. He has to play by Libra’s rules—amiability, diplomacy, cooperation—which are the total antithesis of his own. This means that his power is diminished, and so are the things we get from Mars during his stay in Libra. That means our motivation, physical stamina, and willpower may be compromised. It’s not a good time to strain our bodies or have surgery. And popping off when we’re angry will likely not be received well (even if we’re right). We’ve just got to take it like a Libra and make nice.

Bonus: I made a little chart that identifies all the various placements for each planet. I’m pretty mad that Gemini has no position wherein it is exalted. We’re kind of fairy-like, so maybe I could say our baseline is in exaltation, but you and I know the sad truth. 🧚🏻‍♀️

Horoscopes for every day besides October 3rd!

All the above news was JUST for Thursday. Here’s what’s going on the rest of the week. All times are Eastern.

Monday 9/30

  • Remember last Tuesday the 24th? On that day, the moon squared Uranus, planet of invention and disruption and progress. And squaring is a tough aspect—a lot of news shook out that day that leveled many in power (CEOs were fired, whistleblowers came forward, etc.). It caused a lot of mess, but Uranus always does. He is not efficient. He is an idealist, and if society is incubating some rot that must be removed, he’s not going to care about preserving good tissue when conducting his extraction. He wants that zit to POP. Out with the old; violently, irrevocably.

  • Anyway, I don’t know how it felt to you, but we have a potentially more volatile aspect between the Scorpio moon and Uranus today at 2:55 p.m. Same issues will be raised—old vs. new, erratic changes—but the difference is that oppositions typically play out in our personal lives as conflict with another person (rather than a system or oneself). I’m not saying you should anticipate an explosive battle with someone else. It’s Uranus; you’ll never see it coming! 😱

Tuesday 10/1

  • This is what I’m talking about. The Scorpio moon is in good favor with Neptune, planet of divine inspiration and glamour, and Pluto, planet of power dynamics and deep desires. You may find yourself comfortably in need of no one but your own good company. You are your own generative source of entertainment and enlightenment. 💡

Wednesday 10/2

  • The moon is void of course (aka retrograde, de-fanged, half asleep) starting at 7:44 a.m., so I wouldn’t schedule anything important all day. No interviews, no kick-offs, no haircuts, no first dates. But great day to catch up on errands, old projects, or ongoing relationships.

Thursday 10/3


  • Also—there’s a delightful gift in the middle of the day when the Sagittarius moon conjuncts Jupiter at 4:40 p.m. This is a particularly lucky aspect, so if you’re inclined to take any gambles (interpret that as broadly as you like), go for it. 🏹

Friday 10/4

  • The Capricorn moon squares Mars at 2:26 p.m., which means you could have friction with someone close to you or with an authority figure. Walk away from any tension you sense building around that time.

  • On the flip side, the moon is also making nice with Mercury at 5:52 p.m., so that’s your opportunity to talk it out.

Saturday 10/5

  • The Capricorn moon is cranky at the sun at 12:47 p.m. You may feel put upon by responsibilities (perhaps an abundance of chores) or an overwhelmingly serious mood. Don’t feel bad about not wanting to see people today. Nothing wrong with a Saturday by yourself with your to-do list.

Sunday 10/6

  • Little bit of a tough aspect with the moon and Venus at odds at 7:25 p.m. I wouldn’t do anything romantic or buy anything big online. Don’t seek out an expensive or aesthetic experience. This is not a Sunday for beautification. Some Sundays are, but not this one.