Harvest Moon coming to harvest tears 🌾🔪

The September full moon is the scariest of the year 😂😭

The Harvest Moon on Septmber 14

The Harvest Moon is the name given to the full moon that occurs in September. It sounds nice, like maybe a treat is on its way.

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But this full moon will be no piece of cake. 🍰 I admit that it snuck up on me. I wrote about it last year for InStyle in a round-up of all the major 2019 full moons, and I totally forgot to lose my mind worrying about it until now. Here’s what I said from my safe perch of 2018:

September 14: Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon this year is in Pisces, the sign of imagination and artistic vision. So the emotions we will be “harvesting” may completely surprise us. Full moons usually culminate issues that have been stirring for a while, meaning we tend to see them coming. But Pisces moons can make us feel like we’re in another world entirely. That can lead to our most profound insights or our most self-destructive choices — sometimes both.

It’s not all bad news. The Harvest Moon will coincide with two other planetary movements: Mercury and Venus entering Libra. Mercury and Venus govern how we think and how we love, respectively, and Libra is the sign of cerebral beauty. This placement tends to elicit prolific creative output and actionable, profitable ideas; that can offset some of the dreamy volatility of the Pisces moon. If you feel yourself getting carried away on an emotional current, let your rational mind to guide you back to shore.

That may sound manageable, but now that it’s imminent, here’s a breakdown of my (irrational) fears related to this full moon:

  1. Full moon, whatever. Endings, tensions, culminations. Got it.

  2. Mars opposing Neptune. Yikes, that pits two very passionate planets (one ruling our drive and motivations, the other our spirituality and escapism) against each other. When Mars is in a bad place, it can bring anger, touchiness, explosive arguments, and even violence. When Neptune is compromised, we become susceptible to self-deception and manipulation by others. This is not a combination I look forward to!

  3. Mercury and Venus moving into Libra. At least this is nice. Harmony and peace abound with a Libran influence, and Mercury and Venus rule how we think and how we relate to others. This gives us a fighting chance for mended fences when all the rubble settles. At the very least, we will see things clearly and be open to compromise. At the very best, so will everyone you’re dealing with.

  4. Mercury and Venus opposing the full moon. Unfortunately, later in the day (7:34 to 9:08 p.m.) both of these planets are opposing the moon, too. So whatever *issue* is brought up by this full moon, we’ll have Mercury and Venus working for the enemy.

🦄✨🎈 My optimistic takeaway 🌈🌞🌻

Now that I’ve aroused your fear, let me backpedal a little.

The thing about challenging, shitty events like a full moon is that they only fuck with you if there's something to fuck with. Full moons sniff out weakness to protect us from betrayal down the line. It wants us to break ties that won’t hold if we lean on them. So it puts pressure on us, sometimes right where it hurts the most. If we survive, we’re stronger than before. And if we don’t, we needed to let go anyway, and better now than later.

When the planets move through their orbits and form angles to each other, they create lines of cosmic DNA that form the picture of who we are—astrologically speaking. And like our real DNA, most of it is never expressed; it simply exists as unrealized potential. Our environment shapes what comes out—our choices, our restrictions, or resources, our relationships, our communities, etc. So even big scary moons like this Harvest Moon may pass you by without incident. You may not notice it, because maybe there’s nothing in your life it wants to activate. In which case, have fun, hang ten, and be nice to anyone around you who is going through it. 🌺

Horoscopes for a fine week except for the Harvest Moon

All times, as always, are Eastern.

Monday 9/9

  • This is a day of amendments and corrections. Checking back over your work and finally getting it right. The moon is void of course from 4:30 a.m. until it moves into cool Aquarius at 5:24 p.m., so you know the rules: no new endeavors, no big meaty conversations, no job interviews, no submissions, no pitches, no kick-off meetings, no launches. Yes to continuing projects already in motions, yes to clarifying your feelings after a misunderstanding. These are the days I plow through my to-do lists, and it is deeply satisfying. (It’s Virgo season, get into it. 🤓)

Tuesday 9/10

  • A pretty calm day, overall, but the morning will be challenged with fights between the sun and Neptune at 3:24 a.m. and the moon and Uranus at 5:57 a.m.

  • The sun-square-Neptune aspect messes with our ability to see things clearly and puts us at odds with our desires. Make arrangements in advance to avoid any triggers for bad habits or addictions.

  • The moon-square-Uranus aspect might spring something unpleasant and shocking on us. With Uranus, you can’t prepare, but you can do your best to soothe yourself, stretch out a little, sniff some lavender oil, and generally try to go slack in order to better absorb the impact of whatever is about to hit. Uranus ultimately provokes us so that we loosen up, so get as loosey goosey as you can. Or else.

Wednesday 9/11

  • The moon is void of course all day starting at 1:22 a.m., although it’s making a nice aspect to lucky Jupiter at that very minute. Another great day to make incremental progress, and with Jupiter helping you out, you’ll feel especially optimisic about what you’ve accomplished. 🤩

Thursday 9/12

  • This day is all about stretching your mind, not your body. (Not that they are really so different, but you know.)

  • At 5:06 a.m., Mars and Jupiter are not getting along, so any hasty or impulsive actions will not go well. Avoid working out or doing anything physically challening this morning, because Mars rules over your body and kinesthetic expression, and with Jupiter at a bad angle, luck is not on your side. Caution and patience are your friends.

  • Then the moon enters dreamy, emotional, intuitive Pisces at 5:52 a.m., where it will be during the full moon. It begins!

  • Later, the moon and inventive Uranus are getting along at 6:27 p.m., which is an excellent time for inspiration, new ideas, stimulating conversations. That’s what I’m talking about.

Friday 9/13

  • A lot going on.

  • The moon is in a GOOD relationship with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, which bodes well for getting things done and channeling your creativity and drive into practical action.

  • But the moon is NOT in a good relationship with Jupiter, Mars, and the sun, which means we may feel a little disconnected from our bodies, push ourselves too hard and not realize it, and overestimate what we can get away with.

  • Mercury conjunct Venus at 11:12 a.m. means you have an incredible opportunity to say or write something meaningful, beautiful, funny, clear, exquisite, unprecedented, etc. This is the power of communication joining hands with the power of love so get ready to get POETIC. Seduce someone if you want. With this aspect, it’ll be easy. 💖

  • Sun and Pluto getting cozy at 3:38 p.m. is a very powerful grounding aspect. It roots your ego and soul to your deepest well of need, helping you be effective at getting what you want. When your light and dark sides are working together in such harmony, there’s no ceiling on what you could create. So just act as though you cannot fail. Act as though there isn’t a full moon coming up!

Saturday 9/14:


Sunday 9/15

  • The Aries moon will fight with stodgy Saturn at 10:29 p.m., so you may feel the weight of an authority figure coming down on you—or perhaps your own disappointment turned inward. This aspect can be quite a recipe for Sunday scaries, so I will be coping by doing all my anxiety chores on Saturday instead. Then I can have a pure, uncomplicated, focused meltdown on Sunday, just as Saturn intended.

Thank you for tuning in! See you next week, and if there’s something you’d like to hear about astrologically, or if you have a question about your own chart, let me know. 🍃