Investing in Saturn retrograde 💸📈

Get rich or... realign your strategy until you get rich

But first—Game of Thrones 👑🍷

Maybe I’ll do an actual Game of Thrones post someday (probably not), but for now I will share the only strong astrological opinion I have on the show from my Instagram today.

Cersei has always operated from fear. She was born with the ruthless drive to lead, but smacked up against some horrific oppression that she internalized, metabolized, and happily passed on to the suckers below her on the food chain. She’s hierarchical, mean, and CRABBY. She’s got emotional walls for days. She’s deeply wounded and forgets nothing. The loss of her children psychologically undid her, and she loved them as well as she loved anything. Jaime, too, because family will always be the most important to her. And for her, that’s BLOOD only.

Jaime is a mess of a character, but the show seems to want us to view him as operating from a place of love. He didn’t cling to Cersei out of a frenetic paranoia about the non-Lannister world; he really adored his sister. He enjoyed the glamour of being an incredible swordsman, and, under the hardship of losing his good hand, regenerated his sense of self and purpose. A Leo’s spirit is never broken.

A few minutes can make all the difference when you’re born on a cusp day, and in my vision of Westeros, that’s exactly what divides these two.

Saturn retrogrades today 🐐🔙

Saturn’s going retrograde today until September 18th, but it won’t feel like the more famous retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, Mars). That’s because Saturn is an outer planet with a slower orbit, and they spend long stretches throughout the year going backwards. Consequently, it tends to affect us on a broader scale.

That doesn’t mean you won’t feel it, and I already do. I can’t believe it, but I do. Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, rules and regulations, pragmatism, working harder and smarter with fewer resources, creativity within limits.

When he’s retrograde, it’s back to drawing board. Double check your numbers, tinker with your plans, edit your humor pieces. Because they are not funny (yet).

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But that all sounds dramatic, and Saturn is anything but. He’s sobriety itself. He’s all about the slow, unglamorous progress of actual hard work—not the panicky procrastination that precedes it. If I may quoth myself:

Saturn is a consultant, an auditor. He’s coming to restructure you. But he’s not coming to break your bones. He’s coming to reset the bones that are already broken and have been causing you pain. In the short term, there will be more pain. But you’re being set up for health. You’re being groomed for success.

Whenever I think about retrogrades or significant transits, I imagine two approaches:

  1. Either the thing does something to you, or

  2. You become the thing.

So become your own Saturnine force. Invest in yourself, because here’s the twist—you already have. Whether or not you're a good investment is up to you, but you cannot exit the trade. Every moment you're alive is confirmation of a bet the universe has made in your name. You're all in, whether or not you ever wanted to be. So you might as well spend the time you HAVE TO SPEND anyway making your investment worthwhile. It’s your only power, and you alone reap the profits.

What each sign will love most about summer 🌞⛱

  • Aries: Getting way too competitive about beach sports.

  • Taurus: Enjoying a seasonal palate of berries and light vegetables.

  • Gemini: Being able to leave the house without a million layers.

  • Cancer: The 4th of July because they are patriotic AF.

  • Leo: Nude beaches.

  • Virgo: Curling up under an umbrella with a book and a pristine application of SPF.

  • Libra: Summer flings!

  • Scorpio: Burying themselves in the sand.

  • Sagittarius: Taking August off to travel like Europeans do.

  • Capricorn: Getting more done while everyone takes summer Fridays.

  • Aquarius: Thinking about fall outfits already.

  • Pisces: Nostalgia for last summer.

That’s it for now! 🌿🌺