The end of paid monthly 'scopes

This is 100% the Worm Moon and Mercury retrograde doing GOOD things 🌕

🚨 This newsletter is moving (back) to an all-free model! 🚨

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I am giving everyone who subscribed for March a refund for the monthlies I didn’t deliver, and I hope you’ll stay on for the free issues, which will not only continue to feature my usual analysis, but will offer some higher-level ‘scopes. I’ll be paring it down to the really important stuff that I would warn my sister about. But you don’t have to do anything—the refund will be automatic, and then you’ll get the free issues.

The reason: I hated writing them, and that’s why it was such a drag every month. That’s why I charged for them! But I am not doing this newsletter for money, or even for discipline. I am doing it for absolute pure true LOVE, and so I’ve got to get rid of what I don’t. 💖

When I’m dreading an assignment, my workflow is the following chaos:

Assignment —> Excited brainstorming —> Pump up to music and imagine doing the work —> Text everyone —> Make tea (Aveda tea is the best) —> Clean everything + do laundry —> Think about other projects now that this current one is done in my head —> Open every single other Google doc than the one I’m supposed to —> Make progress on projects no one asked for or cares about —> If I’m really procrastinating hard, demand feedback from others and get into a whole thing —> Do squats or push-ups or improvised choreo —> Think seriously about performing it in public —> At midnight, start something real —> At 1:30 a.m. decide that sleep is so important (and it is) —> Set my alarm for 6 a.m. —> Sleep through it —> Brainstorm in shower —> Brainstorm on subway —> Write at 10 a.m. during work —> If I finish, finish at 6 p.m. that day.

All work requires neglecting other work. I have to be disappointing someone. So I am de facto going to make at least one boss happy that I’m abandoning this particular commitment.

Is this because of astrology?

Yes. Three things are causing this, or at least, that’s what I would say if I believed in astrology. (And I’m saying it because I do.)

  1. We’re approaching a full moon, the Worm Moon, on March 20th, concurrent with Aries season. This one is in Libra, and it may cause a serious rupture with business partnerships and ventures. In my case, it’s hitting my PUBLISHING sector(!!!), and, like all full moons, it’s clearing out the weakest link. I hate the discomfort of disappointing people, but I love moving on when I know it’s the absolute right direction. This is the best possible full moon break-up.

  2. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, hitting up my financial and values sector, which is causing me to re-think plans already in motion, particularly ones to do with income. What do I really value and where do I put my time? What pays me and rewards me? Not March horoscopes!

  3. Uranus just moved into Taurus, which, for now, is in my house of COMMUNICATION AND WRITING, and is forcing me to be realistic about all my mad designs.

Uranus in Taurus horoscopes for everyone!

🎯 As a little bonus—and because I want to emphasize that we are collectively standing at the precipice of a new era—I spelled out how Uranus moving in Taurus, which began on March 6th, will specifically fuck up everyone’s life in the below mini-horoscopes. It’ll be in effect for the next seven years, so don’t worry if nothing happens right this second. It’ll happen. 🎯

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♈ Aries: Money and Values

Taurus is the sign of income and possessions, and so Uranus is likely to inspire a re-think for you, Aries. Expect to change jobs or pursue other avenues of income. You also may want different things, like more time off vs. money.

♉ Taurus: Self and Independence

You will likely feel this transit the most profoundly, Taurus. Although Taureans rarely change, you may undergo a full reinvention of self. The challenges will be external, but the revolution is within you.

♊ Gemini: Vulnerabilities and Fears

Prepare yourself for insights you didn’t ask for that will require quiet reflection to process. The pressure will be on for you to listen to your unconscious mind. Geminis are talented at buzzing from thought to thought, but you need to focus now.

♋ Cancer: Friends and Groups

You will meet and befriend people you never dreamed would be part of your inner circle. At the same time, you may feel alienated from your old communities. Not only will you change you who associate with, but how you see your role in a group.

♌ Leo: Career and Fame

The entire trajectory of your career could shift, and you will succeed if you embrace the new direction. You could become very influential or in-demand, just not for the reasons you imagined. Be open to new ways you can contribute to society.

♍ Virgo: Travel and Education

You will likely travel to parts of the world you’ve never seen before, and other cultures will influence your thinking and tastes more than they ever have. You could also go back to school, either for a degree or for fun.

♎ Libra: Sex and Desire

The things you once envied will change. You could uncover latent ambitions you had never considered, like wanting to lead a company or not wanting to have children. Exploring new sexual desires has the potential to be healing, transformative and very, very fun.

♏ Scorpio: Marriage and Partnership

You may get married or commit to someone unusual or eccentric. This relationship will be very different from ones in your past, and letting go of previous grudges or trust issue will be key to your success.

♐ Sagittarius: Health and Work

It’s a new era for your body and its daily habits. You could take up lifting or running, become a night owl if you’re an early bird or quit a long-standing habit or addiction. You may change jobs, and perhaps enter a new line of work.

♑ Capricorn: Dating and True Love

You could meet and begin dating someone strange and delightful, who shakes loose a lot of creativity and joy from within you. They may inspire new hobbies or influence your artistic output.

♒ Aquarius: Home and Hearth

Be slow and methodical when it comes to all matters regarding your home, whether you’re renting or buying. You may move more than once during this period. Feelings of homesickness may pervade, but a new environment will nurture you.

♓ Pisces: Thoughts and Communication

You may embrace new philosophies or practices, and potentially learn a new language. If your interests have been scattered, expect to go deep on one or two subjects, possibly even joining communities and meeting new friends that way.