This new moon is huge 🌑

And it wants you to get everything 💖

🏹 Sagittarius new moon doesn’t come in small 🏹

There’s a new moon in Sagittarius TODAY, and it’s sweet and uncomplicated, just like Sagittarius wants to be!

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Sagittarius is one of the hardest signs for me to understand—probably because I’m a Gemini, and they sits farthest from me on the zodiac wheel. Our opposite signs represent our exact energy but inverted, so the relationship often rolls between identification and alienation.

Sagittarian energy is abundant, the absolute biggest of the zodiac. Even when I’ve known a quiet centaur, they have loud voices. They are too much, but spread so thin across their varied interests (and literally across the planet in their travels) that you always want more. That’s how they get away with everything.

The new moon today at 10:06 a.m. will mark the union of the sun with the moon in the biggest and most optimistic sign in the zodiac. Like all lunar events of this nature, this is an opportunity to write down wishes (I always recommend coming up with ten) for the next month or few months. Some are for me, some for my family, some long-term, some right away.

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But the spirit of Sagittarius compels us to adopt a LARGE FORMAT for our desires. Remember, Sagittarius comes after Scorpio, the deepest and most interior of all the signs. Now is our time to be completely external. Maximal. Dimensional in our one-dimensionality. Wish for fame, because what Sagittarius lacks in material wealth it makes up for in INFLUENCE. Wish for things you truly don’t deserve, because Sagittarius (and its ruler, Jupiter) grants us bounty with no strings attached. We can’t possibly earn all the goodness this season wants for us, so don’t worry about trying. Just delight in it. 🍭

Horoscopes through November

This is a truly spectacular week—or at least that’s what it looks like from a planetary analysis standpoint. All times are Eastern, which I agree is unfair.

Tuesday 11/26:


  • Not much else going on today, so we’ll be experiencing a pure expression of this hopeful potential!

  • Make ten wishes this morning after it peaks at 10:06 a.m.—don’t do it before! 😜

Wednesday 11/27:

  • Little bit of clash between Neptune, Our Patron Saint of Magical Thinking, and the moon at 6:38 a.m., which can cloud our judgment and make us susceptible to false emotional promises or choose empty but seductive people. It would be wise to make this whole morning one of cautious introspection. Don’t sign things or make new agreements. Vet what people say to you. Vet what you say to yourself. We are highly bamboozle-able during aspects like these.

  • But then Our Aforementioned Saint Neptune goes direct at 7:33 a.m. after being in retrograde since June! A few things:

    1. The big outer planets like Neptune go retrograde for much longer spells than Mercury, which is why we don’t make as big a deal about them. Their retrogrades are meaningful, but the impact is more sustained. We get used to it.

    2. Furthermore, big outer planets tend to move societies rather than individuals, so we (astrologers, Kikis) de-emphasize its meaning for you and me when discussing it in a broad setting.

    3. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t play out with major consequences. Some of the worst experiences in my whole life coincided with a difficult Neptune transit, because Neptune can shroud us in a heroin-like haze that enables our worst escapist tendencies and goads us to leave behind everything we love. It’s not all bad—Neptune can inspire the greatest artistic breakthroughs or humanitarian instincts of your life—but I want to emphasize that you can’t sleep on Neptune, because Neptune will make you sleep. More than any other astrological force, it will not take you by storm. It will take you by drip, encouraging you in small, imperceptible increments to betray your whole life for something that feels so good precisely because it feels like nothing at all.

    4. But anyway, the heroin danger of Neptune is much less when it goes direct, and we have its potency on our side, enabling breakthroughs and insights beyond what we see in front of us. In other words: we can finally trust the drugs we’ve chosen to get us through our days.

Thursday 11/28:

  • Thanksgiving, a colonialist holiday.

  • Unbelievably, this is a day of completely harmonious aspects. So have any argument you want.

  • The moon is void of course from 5:50 to 7:33 a.m., but that’s fine. When the moon is void of course, it presents an opportunity to reflect, introspect, and finish projects that were already in the works. It’s very much like Mercury retrograde in that way, only more relevant to our emotional states rather than our communicative ones. Those dimensions are different but functionally extremely interrelated, so the effect is similar. But as the kids who are rapidly growing up say: it’s a mood. And for those of us in and near the Eastern time zone, it’s probably too early to worry about.

Friday 11/29:

  • Moon is in hardworking Capricorn, which is a bit serious but not unpleasant. A Capricorn moon situates you comfortably within your own power. Suffer no fools today.

  • Moon is extremely friendly today with Neptune (now direct!), Mercury (also direct!), Saturn, and Pluto, which means you’re covered with good energy from small, interpersonal conversations to major reexaminations of contracts to short trips. Given the holiday and high likelihood of travel, that is exceptionally good news.

Saturday 11/30:

  • Mercury and Saturn have a glittering interaction at 1:12 p.m., which gives structure and power to conversations you’re having at that time. Do not waste this aspect on people who aren’t worth your time—this is for those who add real value only. You can hang with the scrubs later.

  • But don’t make too many plans during your power lunch, because the moon is void of course until it shimmies into cool-headed Aquarius at 3:13 p.m. As I’ve said, moon void of course is a blessed time to move forward on projects already in motion, so BE PRESENT to your life and don’t think too much about the future—a known stressor, of course. Instead, be cool with being in medias res. That’s where you really are, anyway.