Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Blood Supermoon?

It's here it's here it's here 🐺🌕♌

Hi, there’s a big full moon tonight that peaks at 12:16 a.m. ET! And I can’t stop thinking about this Pocahontas lyric even though she’s talking about a Blue Corn Moon which is a different moon happening way later in the year.

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ALSO: Maybe we shouldn’t be calling it a Wolf Moon at all, since it’s an oversimplification of its native roots. Need to do more research.

But to recap, this moon is:

  1. A full lunar eclipse,

  2. which means it’ll scatter reddish light into the sky, making it a blood moon,

  3. and it’s also at its perigee, the point closest to the earth, so it’s going to be huge—thus, a supermoon.

  4. And it’s in Leo, so it’s kind of a lion, too. So it’ll be dramatic and extra and probably win Best Actress at the Oscars.

To compound the issue, we have tense oppositions and painful squares all day leading up to it, just to ensure the most possible amount of stress!

  • The moon in Cancer is opposing both Pluto and Mercury, both in Capricorn. So emotions will be at war with our deepest desires and our minds. Cool!

  • The Cancer moon will square off against Uranus in Aries, the planet of shocks and surprises. Those surprises can always be good, but when it’s forming a square to your moon, it probably won’t feel very welcome today. You could say or do something you regret—or someone else could. Given that these are both in cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries), this square could manifest physically. So take care of your bodies today!

  • Right before the full moon starts, Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. Those are planets we prefer to be working together, as they both rule beauty, art, and glamour—and Venus specifically rules diplomacy and peace! We need diplomacy and peace right now! But our capacity for all of the above (creativity, aesthetics, peacemaking) will be diminished.

I already feel personally attacked by this moon.

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Here’s, briefly, how it will affect everyone else. Good luck!


The Wolf Moon will raise issues with anyone you’re dating, your kids if you have them, or creative projects that mean a lot to you. Think back to the blood moon of July 27th. Whatever was messing with you then will reemerge.

♉🐂 Taurus: HOME.

The Wolf Moon will strike close to home, meaning something in your domestic life (the people you live with, the house itself, your sense of well-being at home) will be up for review—and it will be painful. This day is the opposite of hygge.


The Wolf Moon may inspire arguments with siblings or friends, horrendous delays in your normal commute. If you’re married, this could be a tense day between you. It’s an intense supermoon, and being a lunar eclipse, its results can affect the next six months. Choose your battles wisely.

♋🦀 Cancer: MONEY YOU MAKE.

The Wolf Moon hits you in your house of income, and it’s in bad angle to your career and marriage houses. If you’re splitting up with a spouse or a business partner, this could be a day you really feel the loss of it, whether or not it literally translates to lost money.

♌🦁 Leo: YOU.

The Wolf Moon hits in your sign, Leo, so it could indicate turbulence in your marriage, or simply with your own happiness with yourself. Whatever issues arose during the blood moon on July 27th will reemerge. This ends the series of eclipses in your sign, thankfully, so the closure with this one should be real.


The Wolf Moon is sending turbulence to the most intimate, interior part of your chart. If you are in therapy, today is a good day to go. You may feel defeated for no reason, or perhaps you did uncover deception from someone close to you. Think back to the blood moon on July 27th for clues to what issues will be raised with this one, and then prepare accordingly.

♎⚖ Libra: FRIENDS.

The Wolf Moon may stir up drama with friends or any organizations you belong to. It may not even have anything to do with you—it could be the misconduct of a peer that affects you and your group deeply. You could also potentially have major conflict with your spouse if you’re married. It’s a tough day, and it will be reminiscent of whatever drama was unfolding around the blood moon on July 27th. This one should finally put the issue to rest.

♏🦂 Scorpio: CAREER.

The Wolf Moon might bring up an issue related to your career or your public profile. Think back to the blood moon on July 27th—this one will bring up similar issues. The good news is, this one will settle them for good. But it will be impactful, so brace yourself.


The Wolf Moon will screw up any travel you might have planned, especially if you were going somewhere with a significant other. It will be a tense and horrible day, and if you can stand being at home—or somewhere that makes you feel more like home than you home—go there instead.


The Wolf Moon could affect your partner’s (or overall household) income, which could make being at home feel difficult. Go for a walk or a drive to clear your head. If you recall the blood moon of July 27th, this is like part two of that.

♒👽 Aquarius: MARRIAGE.

The Wolf Moon is hitting you right in your marriage or business partnership. Remember the blood moon of July 27th? Similar issues are coming to the surface. They will be painful, and divorce or splitting up is definitely very possible at this time. No good news with this one, except that it’ll eventually be over.

♓🐟 Pisces: WORK, HEALTH.

The Wolf Moon will be tense not only for work in general (and possibly your health), but the kind of work that impacts your career at large. You could get very bad news or be put back on an assignment you really didn’t want the first time around. Think back to the July 27th blood moon; those issues are likely to resurface. And if you were fine then, you’ll probably be fine now.